Coming soon… [an update]

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I still haven’t decided on a destination (or if I am even able to make it a reality to travel to shake up my brain a bit), but I’ve gotten some solid advice from DJ Marcilla (of Courtley Manor) about any plans I might have entertained about making NYC one of my destinations and I trust her assessment of the situation. Her evaluation, combined with the fact that I got an audible sigh of relief (via a text!) from an old HS friend who lives there when I told him I wasn’t inviting myself into his home for a day or two, some of the appeal for making a stop in NYC went away, although I do intend to do more than spend a few hours in the airport at some time before I die…

But when confronted with the idea that I could spend a week in Reykjavik or Helsinki for the same price as a night or two in NYC, I just can’t justify hitting the city for no other reason that I want to check the box, experience a bigger city than I’ve been to in the past, and see a friend who appears to be less enthusiastic about catching up than I.

So, I am narrowing down my potential options. If I do an east coast thing, it might be more of a pass through some of the places along the route. or just choose a single destination (such as DC or Salem). But, with free lodging with family on the west coast (offered already if I go that way), or the appeal of something more exotic (yes, Iceland is exotic to me)… I think there are better options than a big city that doesn’t care if I visit or not. That’s not to say that the other places care, but at least there are different motivations for visiting than “get lost in an unfamiliar environment that might be a cesspool for the Covid plague”. Failing some kind of offer I can’t refuse (“Michael, we will PAY you to come and enjoy an all-inclusive vacay in NYC!”), I think that destination is off the table.

So, still winnowing it down. I’ve had a few appealing suggestions from people I know, but nothing that has made me scream: THAT!

I’m always willing to entertain suggestions for interesting locales in the US, if anyone has them. I’m less interested in sightseeing than I am interested in immersing myself in the character of a place (e.g., I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon, but I would derive more enjoyment out of visiting a Hopi or Navaho reservation without the typical tourist trap destinations than I would in seeing a big hole in the ground, as beautiful as I know it is).

Thanks again to Marcilla for giving me good reasons to reconsider one of my potential destinations.

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