©2021 Michael Raven

A couple of housekeeping items without the past drama:

  • I will be posting with less frequency. I have a number of reasons, but two of the primary ones (that I care to share) are that I question my motives for sharing my writing and I doubt the quality is up to snuff. While I will continue to write in the same volumes in a private manner, I will only be publicly be sharing what I feel is my better work to come out of the day or week — I have yet to decide on frequency. I may offer up access to folks who really feel like torturing themselves with the pieces that don’t pass muster, but that’s to be determined later.
  • Connected to the last thing, because I doubt the quality of my writing is compelling enough to justify publication at this time, I have put the idea I floated a bit ago of a published book of my writing on hiatus. Quite likely, this is a permanent hiatus. I’m just not sure there is an audience for a published version of my writing.
  • I may be retiring the name I have been using. I have a few alternate ideas floating around, so don’t be surprised if “Michael Raven” is no longer the name I write under in the near future. While the name may be different, it is still me, as I am the sole administrator on this site. I am compelled to make dramatic changes in my life (see recent posts), and this is one that is an easy change to make. This is more of a “warning” than a definite thing, as I wouldn’t be surprised if I make a midnight hour change and forget to say anything. I am also just as likely to keep it the same as it has been for years. It’s hard to shed skin that you’ve grown attached to after over 25 years. Or, I may write under two different names. Who knows? I didn’t want any changes to be jarring if I decide to go with it.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support in spite of my flighty behavior.

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2 thoughts on “Update

    • I hope so too. I keep stumbling over my own two feet and I’m trying to make some changes that stop the cycle of repeated face flattening before it becomes a permanent condition.

      Thanks for reading. I appreciate the complement. ❤

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