©2021 Michael Raven

aching for pain
i am some sick fuck al
right sick for want of
hurt to wash pain
because these dr
eams fire and spoons wi
th pockets full of worm
s writhing writhing in
the same old house
in the same 
old place drink
ing the same old whiskey
or just

do you think i want
these canister insights
? that i long to
see these underworld de
lights     ?
the eyes offend, though i
know know know it w
ill change nothing in the
/end to spoonscoop orbs
onto glass plates
for the king of milwaukee

sights will happen, or
not -- either way is pain
you'll see me naked
and i'll see nothing and it
won't matter much when
i know skin and head is beauty
full let me kiss you

they flayed me i don't want
it but they will and i 
will let them to see you
[hahaha, see...] you
know this fear [but you 
don't] of mine because i
choke when I try
to tell you, every fucking time

let me spit out rust and kiss 
you, if you dare
i am i am a mo.mo.mo.monster

i long... how i long to be done with
this impatient await
i want to touch you
with scarred lips
will you still let m
e kiss you when i become this?
Photo by Ekaterina Mitkina on Pexels.com

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