Tripartition Part 3 [Reblog: The Twisted Tale]

The title piece in this collection really resonated with my own thoughts this morning, so it seemed a great time to share Mouse’s writing as a reblog. Check out his other awesome writing when you visit. Tell him I sent ya.

The Twisting Tail

When trees burn, they leave the smell of heartbreak in the air.”

Jodi Thomas

Quatrain: Ent no escape

As the fire burns
The trees stand tall
They cannot run
They can only fall

Lune: goodbye mother nature

‘I have nothing left’
scorned lovers
smouldering farewell

…Tripartition 3

The anticipated collapse came, whose imminence shocked the forests, which fell like a house of straw to an unassailable wind.
Disorder swept the land, inhabitants driven from the comfort and security of their homes. Fear blazed like an inferno.
The consuming darkness fared no better. Homeless, unbalanced, resorted to cannibalize expendable extremities in the hope of survival.
The three, forgotten, their ideology lost to time, along with the knowledge that their souls paved the path of return, a journey no longer possible to traverse.

The doomsday clock’s tick is deafening. We have stopped burying the dead, the world is a graveyard.

May the…

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