rune pairs: laguz | othala

©2021 Michael Raven

journey with me
that sea of dreams
to reach the shores of
ynys afallach
veiled in the mists
it will be ours
for ever and again

laguz: love (as unity), dreams, memory, “life’s longing for itself”, unconscious growth

othala: inheritance, prosperity, freedom, home, paradise, utopia, contentment, harvest

Note: For the purposes of these pieces, I am drawing exactly two runes each day, reviewing their suggested interpretations from several sources (listed above for each) in an attempt to meditate on their potential meanings as they might relate to each other. There is no divinatory question being considered, but merely an investigation into the relationships the runes might suggest as they come together. For these exercises, I am not considering the murkstave implications from the drawing, but focusing exclusively on the core concepts. At a later date I may consider the implications presented by a reversed rune — possibly when I start casting the runes in a more traditional way — but I am more intent on learning the primary meanings and making connections via wyrd at this time.

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