©2021 Michael Raven

snowfell my head
eddy slow cigarette
kissing under streetlight
kissing in the dreamhouse
not like anyone ever run
through snow naked
flakes melting on
burning breasts on fire
under lips licks
and i want your soft snow
shower gasps whispers
in my head

3 thoughts on “youkiss/

  1. I do like how you slip these musical references into your writing. I also like the run on between the lines (I know that there is a technical term for this but I’m buggered if I can remember it!).
    Lovely poem too!

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    1. Music was my life back in the day. I often don’t even recognize I’ve slipped a reference in until afterwards.

      I couldn’t tell you what that technique is called. I know it has a name too, but I’ve emptied my head of those kinds of things.

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