ᛟᛞᛁᚾ /

©2021 Michael Raven

slow unfurling
twirling the ribbon
rags unfixed threads turning
crosswebs tangled
drifting across
tangled yarns tighten
fast hung and pierced
with thorns septic
swaying in the winds
in the tree, in the nines
and the waves wash fast
with the spirits of mine
over and spill brim 
eye turned grim
a girl singing single
her songs

born to this
borne of this
the gallows hanging horde
wolves, they howl
unkindness laughing at
my eye
my eye my 
i lost my i
watching for
the mystery reveal

cast out the drauger dregs
and fill those toothsome
carvings blood
i am hanging here tonight
high above your
serpent's throne

someone take these dreams away
sang the rock shaman
of our day
reversed, I sing the same
tortured by the swaying
of the branches
from which
i hang

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