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You may have noticed that I tend to have various markups in the titles of my posts and I always meant to get around to explaining the mad logic I have behind the decision. I might as well get to that, now that I’d added a few more in recent weeks.

In case you hadn’t already figured it out — it was mostly as a visual guide as to the content of a post so that people could quickly identify what they might expect to see if they clicked on the post title. At first, this was because I was hiding posts behind the <more> tag, but as I realized it didn’t ensure deeper engagement by doing so, I stopped. But, while those tags were still being used, I wanted someone decide, “hey, this is a poem and I like poems [click]”. Or what have you. When I decided to move away from the <more> tags, I retained the the practice out of habit. So, here is what they all mean:

No punctuation at the end = Random thoughts and opinions

Period at the end [. ] = Prose fiction (short or long form)

Stroke/slash at the end [/ ] = Poetry or Poetry-like

Double stroke/slash in the middle [ // ] = Music link or music related

Single vertical line in the middle [ | ] = Signals a collaborative effort

Double vertical lines [ || ] in middle = Tarot or date callout

Double stroke/slash at the end [ //] = Spoken word or Podcast

I think that’s about it. If there’s something I overlooked, please let me know. I was inconsistent with some of these markups until I decided I needed to actually have a markup for a type of post. It is a non-linguistic way of tagging posts and probably more annoying than anything for some readers. I don’t recall why it seemed all that important when I started doing it other than it would make me stand out a bit from some of the other blogs out there. Hey, this guys as a weird affection for adding inappropriate punctuation to his titles…

Meanwhile, I wonder how many visitors read this whole thing and asked themselves if they should continue to follow Sceadugenga. Like the tootsie roll lollipop, the world may never know.

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7 thoughts on “Markups

  1. I think we all do little things to help to identify and organise our work. Years ago, in my music playing days, I was a bit of a stickler for noting down who played what and different instrument settings…not that anyone other than me really cared!

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