Toxic ISPs

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It’s been a very trying day.

My internet started flaking out yesterday afternoon. The ISP had convinced me that it was probably an internal issue, so I went and bought a new modem, which should have fixed it, unless it was my router, which it shouldn’t have been, being only about a year old.

No dice.

The problem is that I have a high-priority bit of project work that needs to be done by yesterday or tomorrow PM. I need the internet to work so I can meet my work commitments…

Okay, shitty router… Found the old one and set it up. And things were great until… They weren’t.

I spent hours trying to get in touch with a native English speaker who wouldn’t tell me to keep rebooting my modem, remote diagnostic, tell me everything was peachy until it crapped out again. Rinse/repeat.

Until I got to the sweary stage… So sweary that the AI decided to hand me over to a human. Apparently, “fuck you” when asked if I would like to pay my bill was understood by the AI.

Then the real person, bless his soul, understood I had Reached The End Of The Rope, and actually set up a service call for Thursday.

Not ideal, but I could work with it.

And then got an email saying I was confirmed for a Saturday appointment.

Well, Xfinity, you finally did it. I went down to the local T-mo and got one of their lads to send me a 5G home internet modem due to arrive on… Thursday.

By Friday, I may finally be able to tell Xfinity to finally fuck off. Sideways. With something sharp.

Because… I’ve had it with data caps and price increases and fucking AI with their fucking fake keyboard strokes as they say. “I see,” when I tell them what they can do with their advice to reboot my modem a fiftieth time. After over 20 years of being a customer.

I really hope it works. Because I’m so ready to be done with this toxic relationship with my ISP.

4 thoughts on “Toxic ISPs

  1. This reminds me of when I lived in a studio apartment upstairs in a barn, and the only internet service I could get was T-Mobile hotspot from my cell plan, but we didn’t have 5G at all then, and still will not have 5G coverage in my area. I hope it works well for you!

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