familiar/ [with audio]

This is a revision, now with an experimental audio track with the spoken word version of the piece published earlier today. My apologies if I pronounce fylgja incorrectly, as I am primarily an English speaker who like to experiment with words from across the spectrum of languages. I was challenged by a friend to give my readers a chance to hear me do spoken words versions of at least some of my poems. I’m out of practice at such things, so understand that I’m tweaking the system and likely need some time behind me to get back into the swing of things.

Audio was recorded on an audio-technica ATM27HE microphone using Audacity software and plugins (for those people into such things). Reverb is the plugin included in the software “small room dark”. I think it might be a little too “big” still.

©2021 Michael Raven

time to break open bones
scrape out old marrow
fill those dry things
with something else
let carrion consume
that rotten filth
my fylgja riding me
revels in such stuff

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