Dirt digging radio signals

©2021 Michael Raven

The universe sometimes is weird and I often don’t know what to make of the messages I receive based on the patterns that emerge. I think it might be that I’m mistaken that there is any meaning at all, which is just par for the course. I tend to be wrong about so many things unless I follow my gut instincts and intuitive mind. And, even then, I have to admit that I am likely wrong more often than right.

But, when you see patterns emerging and they seem to say something, it’s hard not to find meaning in the patterns. But, as I said — it might all be a mistake and I should just see things less of a pattern and more of things are as they are, without value judgments or meaning assigned to anything.

Finding meaning in patterns is probably what makes so many alternative theories about the world so compelling — it is hard to ignore patterns that show up, and our minds want to justify those patterns we see and put meaning and value onto them. I’m not the only one making mistakes in doing so — all you have to do is look at any of the myriad conspiracies out there that are based wholly on patterns (and often wholesale ignoring those patterns that don’t fit into a particular schema).

Patterns kept me up (again) last night. Messages from the Universe. Insomniac. Upon waking, I think those patterns are probably just echoes and thinking about how things might have meaning that probably never did. So, aside from needing to get some sleep, I am grounded again and firmly in the realm of what is instead of what might be or what might have been. I don’t need to worry my pretty little head about such notions until they come to pass, and it seems unlikely that all that hand-wringing was worth the loss of sleep.

But, that all said, I’ve been doing some journeying of sorts in my own little corner of the underworld (I know some shamanic practitioners eschew this word, but I tend to embrace words others avoid — maybe to be contrary, but often for my own reasons). Not to get too deep into the details of such things, which might not be appropriate to share anyway, but I have fallen easily back into my old visualizations and trips after a brief moment of feeling like I might have lost the ability to do such things. I received a strange directive in my head and I intend to follow it through, but it was atypical of the patterns I had seen emerging of the past few weeks. I mean, the message was essentially to start doing something that I had very little desire to do at this time and was counter-intuitive if you knew at all some of the personal struggles I have undergone. But, I trust certain messengers and so I will do my best to follow that directive. I wrote down my experience on my epaper tablet (a reMarkable), as I’ve been starting to journal these things as a record for my experiences in case it is helpful later on, and then I received another message from the Universe that was more of a kick in the gonads than anything. It was a “are you fucking with me, Universe?” moment. I think it might have been just that. A test of some sorts. I don’t know what to make of the message, so I will just let it all play out and see what happens — I think it might have just been a blip in the matrix, if you want to use the trapped-in-simulation theory to visualize the Universe. I’m not going to concern myself with something that may have been absolutely nothing.

Besides, my directive includes blips, but is bigger than that and I can’t hyper-focus on whispers.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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