Tarot for Fun || 15 September, 2021

I tossed out a few cards today, planning on continuing this series of readings but decided I don’t need to share what I have this time around.

As things would have it, I keep getting the same core messaging from the cards: it is often the same exact cards popping up (I do have this issue quite frequently, no matter how I scheme to shuffle the cards) in the same relative positions.

To me, that tells me I need to give it a bit of a rest, or ask some dramatically different kinds of questions than what I’ve been asking. Essentially, if you are one to subscribe to this notion, I’m getting the Magic 8-ball equivalent of “Ask again later” for my message. So, rather than flog a dead horse, I’ll give the matter a rest until I feel I have reached some kind of turning or pivot point.

I’m tempted to sneak out and either make my own ogham/ogam and/or runes (stones or wood) and toss those for a change of pace. Part of me suspects I might get more out of such things, but I’m reluctant to spend the money on the supplies needed.

Anyway — instead of dropping the whole tarot spreads without giving a reason, you now have a reason.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

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