Tarot for Fun || 14 September, 2021

This is Day Six in however many days that I end up tossing down a tarot spread for the purposes of self-reflection.

Today, I’m experimenting with my own rough idea of a spread (which I’m calling my Wyrd spread) with the modification I wrote about a few days ago, the addition of orlæg, or those elements of wyrd beyond changing.

The cards interpretations, from that earlier posts, are as follow:

  • Urðr (Wyrd) — That Which Became or Happened
  • [New] Orlæg — That Which Is Outside Control (below Urðr and Verðandi)
  • Verðandi — What Is Presently Coming Into Being
  • Skuld — What Shall Be (or Should Be)

In a way, I suppose you could say my spread is derivative of the Past/Present/Future three-card spread that’s out there, but I specifically want to tie it to the concept of wyrd and the idea that the linear representation of time as we commonly conceive it in the modern era is not how these cards are arranged, but with the idea of entanglement — that the linear time is irrelevant to the spread, although the past/present/future appears to be present on the surface of it all. We’ll see how this plays out and I may continue to refine and explore it in the coming days.

Four Card Spread | Subject: My Wyrd

Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

Urðr (IV Wands)

I have reached a milestone in a greater goal; I should take time for a quick breather, allow myself to celebrate and acknowledge what I have accomplished before tackling the next steps. A vision is beginning to be realized.

Orlæg (VI Pentacles, reversed)

One of the immutable elements of who I am is the tendency to give of myself freely, but this often feels unbalanced and may often not receive in kind; often giving of myself is a one-way street and I may feel that I have been taken advantage of on a regular basis. I may need to balance this with finding alternative ways of exchanging energy or to be less generous with my own. I may need to make fewer compromises when dealing with others, in spite of my generous spirit.

Verðandi (Page of Pentacles)

I am in the beginning stages of manifesting a personal goal or dream — excited about the potentials and possibilities of what may come out of it with focused intent and action. However, I need to stay focused on the practical and tangible elements, stay realistic and grounded. Common sense and pragmatism is essential in the present moment.

Skuld (I The Magician)

All of the resources I need are at my disposal. I should be able to bring these tools with the skills, knowledge and capabilities I have gathered along this path to manifest a synergistic whole. It will be essential to focus on a single thing to bring these things to fruition; commitment and methodical planning are essential at this stage to make those goals a reality.

Note: Biddy Tarot is my resource for understanding the card meaning. Different references may result in a different interpretation of the cards.

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