memory cairns/

©2021 Michael Raven

rain chilled night air
blowing between
myriad mind strata
into dreamtime blackwing

falling into helheim
to dig up drauger
darkly in memory cairns
Photo by Inimafoto on

3 thoughts on “memory cairns/

  1. I like the idea of a seemingly inanimate object holding memories. Makes sense really as I do believe that we all leave an electrical trace behind us – it’s just that not everyone is able to pick up on them (myself included!).

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    1. You can. You just need to learn the how listening.

      Most people never give themselves the chance, if they even think of listening at all. It might only ever be but an indistinct whisper, but I believe it is a skill that can be trained and reclaimed.

      [/metaphysical Michael]

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      1. Thanks for your affirmation! I know that you are correct, and I am sure that you are right when you talk about training. My wife is incredibly in tune with this kind of thing (I am shying away from attempting to attach a label here!).

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