Tarot for Fun || 12 September, 2021

Seemed like a good time as any to toss out a few cards and see what kinds of reflection they trigger within me. Being in the place where I expect to experience massive amounts of change, it seems like a good idea to get as much advice as possible from the Universe at large. Day Five in however many days that I end up doing this for the purposes of self-reflection.

Today, I’m experimenting with my own rough idea of a spread. As far as I know, this is not a spread someone else has created and it is purely a test. If this does exist elsewhere, accept my apologies; it was intended to be a new spread and I was not aware of other efforts. I assume it will need some refinement. I’ll call it my “Norn” or “Wyrd” spread.

In Norse mythology which, in turn, influenced Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic myth and culture, had three fate-like beings known as The Norn. They were said to be responsible for shaping the course of human destinies (wyrd). While there is some debate about the matter, the three are as follow:

  • Urðr (Wyrd) — That Which Became or Happened
  • Verðandi — What Is Presently Coming Into Being
  • Skuld — What Shall Be (or Should Be)

In a way, I suppose you could say my spread is derivative of the Past/Present/Future three-card spread that’s out there, but I specifically want to tie it to the concept of wyrd and the idea that the linear representation of time as we commonly conceive it in the modern era is not how these cards are arranged, but with the idea of entanglement — that the linear time is irrelevant to the spread, although the past/present/future appears to be present on the surface of it all. We’ll see how this plays out and I may continue to refine and explore it in the coming days.

Three Cards Spread | Subject: My Wyrd

Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

Urðr (III Cups, reversed)

There has been a temptation to go at things alone, and I’ve felt acutely that sensation that I am isolated. I may have sacrificed my creativity in order to meet others’ desires and lost important connections as a result. I have likely been distracted from that which I need to accomplish either on a creative or spiritual level.

Verðandi (Ace of Wands)

The spark of a fire has been struck and there is a spiritual and/or creative wellspring at my feet, rife with new opportunities to align with my higher self. It is a time for follow both heart and passion, for these are the pointers towards the right direction. Follow my instincts to realize that spark of inspiration to its fullest.

Skuld (VII The Chariot)

To best achieve what should be, I will need to apply willpower, discipline, and commitment to maximize the potential. It will require focused action, although the may be obstacles or distractions presented from others with will drag me down and pull me off course. I will need to stay focused and committed to push past the barriers presented.

Note: Biddy Tarot is my resource for understanding the card meaning. Different references may result in a different interpretation of the cards.

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