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There are times I wish I still had it within me to actually do some of the things I have ideas for doing. Tonight is one of those nights where, had I just one iota of gumption to face complete and utter failure, I might propose something to the everyone who likes drop by and read the doggerel I post.

One of those ideas I keep chucking around is to do a real informal virtual “cafe”. You know — one of those set up a Zoom or a Meet and invite folks who lurk around the blog to drop by for a few minutes or hours, with or without video, drink something like coffee, fizzy water, or wine — depending on your tolerance for any one of those things, and sit and [as they say] schmooze a bit. For shits and giggles.

Would it be about writing? Sure, if that’s what folks are into for the conversation. Or art. Or scratching bug bites, for all I care.

I guess the main thing would be that it would be one of those organic conversations that happen in the real world with people you nominally know. Some of you, I feel like I do know well enough for something akin to that. Others, I might like to know good enough for having a little virtual love-in cafe schmooze — the kind you have when you go to a cafe far too often and everyone shouts out “Norm!” when you walk in… Not that anything like that really seems to exist in this day and age. I’ve not seen in in real life since before 2000. Maybe I’m not hanging out in the right places, cafes or online. It might be just me. It usually is. [Note: being of the sober inclination may explain why I don’t see these things, bars were always more likely to have this kind of thing happen.]

But tonight, it seems like a really good way of chasing off the doldrums and generating that feeling camaraderie that seems to be lacking. Probably because I’m going bonkers with disinterest for any of the entertainment options I have at my disposal.

But the idea lacks one vital element: gumption. Like I said, I am not in the mood to set myself up for failure.

And that’s that, I suppose.

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5 thoughts on “That’s that

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        1. 🤣


          Maybe I’ll just set up a Meet and see what happens. Probably people throwing things at me unless the crickets are the only audience. And even then, the crickets may take the opportunity to cast a few stones my way.


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