Tarot for Fun || 10 September, 2021

Seemed like a good time as any to toss out a few cards and see what kinds of reflection they trigger within me. Being in the place where I expect to experience massive amounts of change, it seems like a good idea to get as much advice as possible from the Universe at large. Day Three in however many days that I end up doing this for the purposes of self-reflection. Today, I elected to do a status check on some Jungian concepts (because of the last post); a “Where am I at?”

Note: Here are the definitions being used, loosely based on a 5-card spread (found on Labyrinthos.co)

  • Persona – How am I being perceived? How do what others think of me affect the situation?
  • Shadow – What am I ashamed of? What do I want to hide and not acknowledge?
  • Self – What does my heart of hearts want? What are my true desires?

Three Cards Spread | Subject: Status check

Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

My persona (V Wands)

I’m seen as a source of tension and battle in a sea of chaos, which may impact my ability to move forward with my goals. But, there are opportunities to rise above the chaos and disorder as long as I take the time to listen to contrary views, encourage diversity and differences of opinion. I am being perceived as being in a maelstrom of change, confrontational and stormy.

My shadow (VI Wands, reversed)

I have relinquished personal power and self-belief and I hide behind relying on other’s opinions about my “success”. I feel deeply what I perceive as recent failures in my interpersonal relationships, that I somehow failed to connect where a connection would have possibly been useful to others; and I hide that fear that I’m perceived as a failure by anyone I’ve tried to relate to. I’m lacking in confidence, but I clothe myself in false overconfidence, arrogance and other egotistical, selfish behaviors.

My self (Queen of Cups)

I want to be perceived as nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive; to be viewed as empathetic, creative and intuitive. My true self wants to be seen as someone that can be confided in, where someone can come and feel understood and heard, that I may have a solution to their problems. I need to lead more with my heart, not my head — listen to the dreams, shamanic journeying, and meditations. My true self wants to move beyond my past failures with communications and empathizing with people, to once again embrace my ability to connect and recognize the Divine in everyone, even those who do not see their own divinity, to understand and embrace people for what they bring to the table.

Note: Biddy Tarot is my resource for understanding the card meaning. Different references may result in a different interpretation of the cards.

2 thoughts on “Tarot for Fun || 10 September, 2021

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  1. Just started dabbling with Tarot and Oracle and grabbed a deck of each in our Salem trip this week. Had a Thoth deck already and I’m pleased my self readings have been spot-on and also in harmony with my girlfriend’s (a Wiccan high priestess) and another Tarot reader’s recent pulls for me.

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    1. It’s always nice to get confirmation. It’s been 30 years, but I loved my visit to Salem. I probably spent too much time on the old cemetery, but those are the kind of things someone like me does (hanging out in cemeteries).

      My own dabbling in Tarot less for divination and more for personal reflection. It does give me insights I might not have otherwise considered.

      Blessed be to both you and your GF.


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