One year

I have, of course, been writing on blogs off-and-on for closer to going on 20 years, well before blogs are what they are today. I started off with static pages that didn’t include a comment structure using Dreamweaver or Microsoft’s software for designing web pages. I’d post either some fiction or a manifesto raging against whatever news item of the day irked me. Then, I discovered Blogger and tried to recreate the feel of my spoken-word night at a coffee shop (circa 1995) in a blog format, writing some of the same stuff as the static pages, but adding more of my poetry because I could toss it off without a massive effort on my part. Sweet Immolation: Burning on the Inside was the name of that site (the previous was just my user ID and a vanity space allowed by my ISP). It still was mostly for a small group of people I knew at the time, and passed as a poor-man’s Facebook (it was before MySpace and Facebook took off). That imploded for a number of reasons, not to mention trolls, and I rebirthed it a third time on WordPress in 2005.

I burned that one down too because of some negativity related to a few followers who got very upset that I no longer maintained a blogroll in the sidebar — because SEO was all about the linkages at the time. Having thus offended people so, some of them decided I needed to be outed as being “not a team player” and I got trolled not only on my site, but badmouthed on theirs as well. Plus, I had the audacity to use comment moderation or block comments altogether if they were excessively negative in nature, or contained irrelevant links to their sites. “Freedom of speech” quashing was my sin, apparently, although a good number of them were not protected by American Constitutional laws and didn’t understand that, for all practical purposes, a webpage is private property and that such freedoms only applied to public space and government interventions. I’d still attempted to keep SI running in spite of all that absurdity about SEO sinning when some weird guy from Canada started to copypasta my ideas and posts onto his own blog, only nominally giving me credit and basically cyberstalking me without the sexual element. My post themes or the posts outright would be copied within hours onto his own site. When I called him out, quite publicly, he tried to turn me into the worlds biggest asshole by reposting my increasingly frustrated tirades about people who lack imagination and disrespect copyright onto permanent archives and posting things like “the internet is forever, this American asshole should know”, followed by a screed of his own about how I should just accept that it was his right to use whatever I post however he sees fit. I shut down SI:BotI.

Burned the fucker down. Completely.

Then, fits and starts since then… None of my efforts bore fruit and I started up Sceadugenga under another name because WordPress already had a site on their free service by that name. And that turned into a whole lot of nothing for over a year. I mostly blame medication and the illusion that I could use Facebook to satisfy my craving to write. FB is terrible for writers, although some can make it work. I wasn’t one of them.

So I returned to this site and, after a few months of regular posts (4-7/week), I elected to go ahead and get my own domain so I could call the site what I wanted to call it, as well as exert a little more control over the content (namely: shut down all ads, have more themes and control, add some other features). And then I started posting every day; sometimes multiple times, to justify the money I was spending and to satisfy my increased urge to write as the medication I had been taking left my bloodstream.

That daily posting frequency has been my habit (although some were scheduled posts of old work when I took a few breaks) for a year as of today. 365 days with up to 10 posts each day… whew.

Thanks to all of you sticking it through with me, some of you for longer than others, but valued all the same for your readership. Toss back a pint for me when you get a chance. Thanks.

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  1. Well, I’m glad it all came about that eventually I got to “meet” you! You’ve personally enriched my life, and given me an immense gift, for which I am immensely thankful and grateful… so thank YOU for sticking it out too!

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