Experimental Follow-up

After the past few weeks of seeing if moderation was the ticket to reclaiming my questionable sanity, I’ve decided it was a failure. While I can see value in holding every comment for moderation, I find myself being a reluctant moderator, and I generally passed 95% through and that seems like too many pass-through moderations to bother moderating at all, so I’m returning to the status quo.

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All comments will pass through, but I may elect to unapprove comments that I feel don’t encourage conversations. As the past few weeks have shown, that seems unlikely to be much of a threat to anyone deciding to comment.

Some of the other experiments may evolve or disappear as well. I tried for the better part of a few weeks the format of doing a single post with various pieces written throughout the day. Maybe it was selecting a theme that did me in instead of just writing as I saw fit, or maybe I am not a very good person for planning and execution (I’m an ideas guy, not really a very good do-er). I may do a few posts along those lines, but I felt constrained — like I was in a tight waistcoat. I don’t know if they will work for me on a consistent basis, so I am reserving the right to not return to that format.

Leaving off of the “brain vomit” category of posts seems to have been an improvement, so I may just stick with not posting the equivalent of small talk. I occasionally feel compelled to post musical links, but I am more tempted now to avoid frequently doing so; similarly, the quotes may drop off entirely or to a trickle. What I find to be wisdom or insight might seem like garbage to anyone else.

Another experiment I have not mentioned I was going to conduct was to returning to adding images to most or all of the posts. After a period of time exploring the idea that I was going to focus on the words alone, I’ve discovered that images may be more than a little helpful in conveying an idea or, at least, triggering a whole host of ideas in the reader that may or may not be the original intent. As an older experiment (removing images), I have retired that idea as well.

What about my mental state? The thing that triggered all of this uncertainty? Has that changed?

Well, I don’t know that much has changed in that realm. I’ve been the way I am for as long as I can recall. I think I feel more grounded than I was a few weeks ago, and I’ve gotten an assist since that time that I can only hope to repay or pay forward at some time in the future that helped me find that leveling point to land. Plus, I owe everyone who was supportive when I was in the crux of my situation. Thank you, to all of you who sent me kind words with positive messages and encouragement.

There is still some evolving going on, but I won’t make much of a production about it and spare everyone the details.

7 thoughts on “Experimental Follow-up

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  1. I noticed and enjoyed the recent batch of experimentation. Although they say regularity is key to progress, what do I know.
    I think if you’ve realised your free style nature of writing and you are happy, why trying to corral it.
    Happy to hear you are taking the time for yourself 👍

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  2. I understand your feelings about setting yourself a theme and trying to write around it – I can’t write to order as I find any creative flow becomes restricted. I guess at the end of the day you have to go with what seems best for yourself: you’ve said it before, the reason that you write is because you have to and not to please. Follow your instinct!

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    1. I do like the challenge that choosing a theme presents, I just don’t think it works for me on a consistent basis. I found myself frustrated more than once during that experiment. But I may add it to my patterns all the same. Just not consistently.

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  3. I truly believe that you are your own harshest critic, Michael. It’s all an experiment. Writing, posting, working, parenting, relationships, friendship, family, etc etc etc. As we know (and occasionally need reminding), sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t… we just keep going. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. I find your posts (like these) quite helpful, in multiple ways, and of course your poetry is really great! I’m just glad you’re sticking it out (even if it’s just for now).

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    1. You are likely correct — I expect more out of myself and end up being hyper-critical in the process. We’ll see how things pan out. For the time being, I plan to stick around — but that could change with the volatility I am prone to exhibiting.

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