©2021 Michael Raven

streetlight illuminates
a bare brick façade
gathered gambling
side-bets and cigarettes
she watches, bemused
'tho his stake is hers
 you can't win
if you don't play
urges the bookmaker
anxious to push ahead

eyebrow raised
all in? he asks
looking at her
vodka sips and
pursed lips
all in, she replies
he hands their
stake over

he grasps the dice
breathes them to life
dovie'andi se
tovya sagain
- it's time to
toss the dice

the bones clatter
and tumble and
fall where they may
marking the bricks
with each rattle hum

Apologies to Robert Jordan for stealing Mat’s irregular (yet often-spoke) line from The Wheel of Time. News of the upcoming show reminds me just how much I relate to Mat more than any of the other primary character (and there are plenty to relate to) in the series of books. I’m not much of a gambler for coin after losing my shirt at a casino when I could least afford to years ago (in fact, I don’t think I’ve gambled since), but I can still relate to the concept of risk-taking and maximizing the reward for the risk. Anyway, I couldn’t resist tossing in that bit of manufactured language Jordan called The Old Tongue into a piece that has nothing whatsoever to do with the books or the show. Worlds are upon worlds and within worlds, and so — why the hell not?

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

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