Drowning // Rozz Williams

I'm in an empty room
I'm burning books from you
I'm lost in bed with you
Breaking these mirrors to end all I've seen

Like you - I am broken and fragile
Like you - I am tasting my heart for the first time
Like you - I am feeding on slumber
Like you - I've left my eyes far behind me
Down for the count I'm still drowning
I'm still drowning

No music provided for a number of reasons: the band’s name may be offensive to some readers is the primary one. The secondary is that I think Rozz’s poetry/lyrics stand on their own quite nicely. He was a deeply flawed and broken man, but if you look past some of those distasteful personal flaws, his lyrics are some of the most poetic from the 80s and highly reminiscent of Rimbaud for me. And, as might be evident, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind the same comparison made of my writing, although I personally feel it falls far short of such comparisons.

Photo by Ianmer Basio on Pexels.com

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