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As my sticky post suggests, I am considering shutting down and turning off the lights on the site. It seems like a good idea, although I can’t rightly articulate my reasons aside from saying that my mental status seems to be wonky (to put it mildly). That, however, does not mean that I have ceased to write. I have give myself a deadline of deciding by Monday as to my final intent: Do I overhaul how I approach this site so that I find it less angsty for me to continue to write here? Or, do I shut ‘er down and find a new way to do my writing?

In the meantime, I am limiting myself to a post a day, with one or more pieces consolidated in the single post. This is today’s meager offering with all apologies:

a door is not a door
                    - the long hall -
& when it lives in the autumn house
where nobody sleeps

oversized tshirt
smoking at concrete steps
she gave
slipped secrets
decoded cyphers
to the front lines

what if the mask fell away
>shattered<          on the floor            
there was only     

i wonder what
they think

    the shaking head
              gives those thoughts away
dazzle dazzle shine
                          in those eyes

we're setting sail
for this sea of fools
hand in hand 
eye to eye and
mouth to mouth
-- erato mine

Last night she came to me
My dead love came in
So softly she came
that her feet made no din

And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say:
It will not be long now
Till our wedding day

She Moved Through the Fair (trad.), All About Eve
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4 thoughts on “tHr3e

  1. Ohh I love these. The kitty one was great. When I watch animals (bunnies and birds for me) I have the same type of thoughts… what are they thinking about? And the smoker on the steps, I could picture it which (for me) raised more questions than answered; I quite liked that. Plus, I like the idea of just the dream remaining behind. My favorite was the last: eye to eye, mouth to mouth. Nice selection!

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  2. “Last night she came to me
    My dead love came in”

    I must give their version a listen. Too many versions omit or change the lyrics that make it clear that she’s dead and visiting him as a ghost, which makes what she says to him all the more chilling (I may be wrong but I take it as a prophecy of his own impending demise).

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    1. I agree that it is a shame that many versions of this song neglect including the death imagery in order to “sanitize” the message (or make it uplifting). The same goes for most of the current versions of the Brother Grimm tales that are out there.

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      1. True. And I do prefer my fairy tales unbowdlerised. But as far as the song is concerned, I once read that many people, apparently unaware of its grim connotations, have actually had it played at their wedding! Had I attended one of those, I’d have been barely able to conceal my delight as I explained the true meaning of the song to the newlyweds. ;p

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