Stay with Me // The Mission

Born of the sign of air and the twins
Speak of days and another place
I wander as the gypsy under a beckoning moon
Speak of time and another face
A wayward and languid cry
A fleeting and furtive sigh
From the cradle to the grave
A love to desire and crave

Stay with me
Lay with me
Lay down by my side
Stay with me
Lay with me
Take me deep inside
Stay with me lay with me lay with me stay...
With me

I realize I didn’t paint The Mission in the best of light yesterday with their sweary F.U. manifesto, so I thought it only fair to promote one of their songs that actually played no small role in how I approach lyrics and poetry, although the influence is less pronounced in my current style than it was in, say the 1990s. Of their early albums, I still love Gods Own Medicine the most because it retained that more “mystic” and romantic sound that the other albums (especially after their lead guitarist left the band) failed to capture. This album is smartly produced but, thankfully, not overproduced like a lot of albums since then. I do very much miss some of the analogue recording sound that is just not reproduced well in the day of digital recordings.

Yesterday’s Mercenary was of very little influence to me as a writer. This song, however, gave birth to many truly awful romantic emulations and a handful (more recently) of nominally acceptable pieces I’ve written.

I’m proud of the influence these early “goth” bands had on my style.

2 thoughts on “Stay with Me // The Mission

  1. I tend to agree here. I feel that, in general, a lot of ’80’s music suffered from people in the studio having a bit too much time on their hands which ended up with the essence of the songs being lost.
    Must revisit this album.

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