Mercenary // The Mission

You're a sycophantic, bullshitting,
Cock sucking, arse licking, mercenary
Mind numbing, money grabbing,
Motherfucking scum of the earth, mercenary
You're a cringing, grovelling chicken shit,
Pissing waste of time
You're a crawling, whining hypocrite,
You fucking piece of slime
You can take the money and run,
but there's nowhere you can hide
You arsehole mercenary

There are days when swearing and name-calling is the only way to get through the day without throttling someone to death.

Today is not one of those days for me. I’m actually in a decent mood for only having about 4 hours of sleep. I’d been wool gathering and information consuming and lost track of time. And you know how it is at times — you don’t want to stop. Especially when the kids are away and you know you don’t need the presence of mind to not snap at them when they drive you bonkers. I finally did crawl into bed and managed to avoid my nightly dose of nightmare — which might have helped improved my mood.

Why this song, then? Lots of harsh language in it. Because I feel like being contrary, that’s why.

The Mission (U.K. in the U.S.) are more known in their early days as being hopelessly romantic and mystical when it came to lyrics — more apt to fuck than fight. This was a different side to them. I don’t know if the rumor is true, but this song is said to be a response to Andrew Eldritch from Sisters of Mercy for his album-in-a-weekend under the name The Sisterhood, recorded to prevent The Mission from using the band name and the rights were sold for 25,000 British pounds — just to piss off Andrew’s former bandmates.

Wayne Hussey apparently penned this song in response. I don’t know why they waited so long to release it after the event, except that maybe it was a cut track from an earlier album that made it onto a singles compilation.

It can be cathartic in the right mindset, to sing along.

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