Lovely Psycho // Rose Chronicles

Are you coming, are you coming down from there?
I can dance on the night mist with my wings, my wings
A thorn strokes me, a thorn chokes me nervously
Always a blood bath brooding 'neath my windows
Let me out, my body is rain, trickle through the cracks, trickle down mournful terrain
Not too far from the pavement, the cold grey truth

Rose Chronicles are not a band for those folks who like their beauty without thorns.

That’s probably most evident in their swan song album, Happily Ever After, and most especially on this particular song. I’ve read miscellaneous rumors about the mental health of their singer, Kristy Thirsk, at this time — but nothing terribly trustworthy, but it is more than apparent that there is some element of anguish worn like a heart of sleeve on the album. The lyrics don’t deviate much from the themes in this song and Kristy is definitely trying to express her anguish on the whole of the album in her vocal experimentation, ranging from angelic to grating, tritone to screams.

It is disappointing this shoegaze (?) band full of lush sounds and pointed lyrics was only active for two albums, both of which I consider to be some of my better discoveries. Kristy went on to sing a few tracks for Delerium and a few other trancy bands before going off and recording two solo albums with pretty basic pop-like tunes heavily dependent upon an acoustic guitar.

I semi-met Kristy when she sang with Conjure One (a spin off of Delerium) at a show I went to. She seemed like a nice woman, although we didn’t share more than five words.

The lyrics on this album remind me of some of the writers I read poetry from.

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