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I realized recently that I really don’t probably do enough to promote writers that I like to read in the blogosphere, so I’m going to try an experiment (for me) to see if I can commit to doing more to bring attention to some awesome people, let alone writers I’ve encountered since I decided to throw myself back into regular blogging after a hiatus of about three years, with multiple false starts in the interim as I tried to be someone I was not when it came to writing.

I haven’t decided if I plan to give multiple links each week, or if I plan to just highlight a single writer — this is a very ad hoc post based on musings of the past few weeks while I came to the conclusion I was not a very good neighbor. I’ll stick to two folks for this round so I don’t use everybody up and defeating the purpose of a “Follow Friday” post. My choices are in no particular order, but just whimsy on my part. If I have mentioned a site here in the past, I’ll probably do so again on one of these FF posts, but I’m trying to hit some people I may not have mentioned in my other posts.

I think I owe something to Grace of the Sun and I should mention her here because of her willingness to find the positives in my own attempts at throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping that something sticks — plus she was willing to nominate me for one of those “spread the wealth” circles/awards that go around on blogs and it seems that the least I could do is return the favor in kind. I had declined the nomination, mostly because my motivations are almost never about expanding my audience when I write (shocker, I know), but letting an audience develop more organically. Grace is kinder than I am with her posts: instead of posting up to ten posts of varying themes and quality each day, she sticks largely to two posts a day — one shorter poem each morning (haiku, it seems), and a longer poem in the afternoon (typically with a rhyme scheme). She stated at one point that she likes to end her poems on a positive note and I think she largely succeeds. And she always finds time to give me plenty of encouragement in comments on this site as well, which helps with perpetuating my own shenanigans.

Another writer folks should check out has had some significant influence on my own writing since I started following her early on in this iteration of my blogging life, although I doubt she realizes that until she reads this (if she reads this). Lauren (the wee smirk) from The Lexicon has felt like a kindred writer/spirit. While she writes if a completely different vein, I like to think we share some of the same themes in our writing; approached differently, of course, but similar in my mind, nonetheless. The influence she has had on my own writing goes towards the presentation elements — utilizing bold, italics, non-letter characters, shape, and whitespace. I think she does a beautiful job of making poetry more visual and it’s something I snatched up right away as an alternative to the performance elements that I miss from my poetry heyday in Seattle and late teen years in Minneapolis before that [aside: I am not interested in competitive performance, seemingly the rage since the mid-90s, but collaborative performance]. There are some barbs in her pieces, which I thoroughly enjoy, a smidgen of snark at times as well, which I enjoy even more. Her posting frequency is more sporadic, but I find that makes each one more likely to be a true gem.

So, let’s see how well I stick with this whole FF thing. Don’t be afraid to post your own suggestions below (unless it starts to look spam or self-serving links, both of which will be deleted).

9 thoughts on “Follow Friday

  1. You truly made my day with this post, Michael. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate the acknowledgement. I came across your blog the first week I started on WP. I was instantly fascinated by the raw emotions that I found in each post. I was pretty nervous about sharing my views and pieces when I started but your beautiful honesty truly touched my heart and influenced me by helping me let go and be myself, I am forever grateful for that. Thank you so much. I appreciate you.❤️

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  2. Wow! I am completely taken aback by your mention here, (and so pleased!) I wholeheartedly agree we are kindred spirits. You inspire me to be better! Your writing is undoubtedly beautiful, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more. ❤

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