path to perdition/

©2021 Michael Raven

i am burning
a tincture of acid
a demitasse of flame
pouring though me

i am burning
my feet held to the edge
of hell's outer doors
sulfur choking madness

this immolation is self-inflicted
writhing punishment
these hot whips i conjured
for daemons' delight

how they laugh at my agony!

the illusions are tempting
seductive, desirable
          i am my own
enchanting my mind with 
self-made promises and whimsy
seeing pouts and sultry eyes
where lips and oculus stand

                          you lech...

fingers burn eyes blaze
the heat
              the heat
pulling back from the precipice
aching for a gracious stranger
to sooth the flame with 
a touch a turning word 
spell my relief

         sanctuary doesn't come
             and so...

i shuffle to my cell and ask
my torturer to dream me 
another dose of pain
in the three o'clock hour
             wondering when
the heart attack will 

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