Antagonism // Skinny Puppy

Listen as the hours pass
Burn the bridge again
Rebuild, nothing's quite the same
Split process
Clear cut
A single blade
Retracing the steps so easily mislaid
Knife in my hand
To stab at you and make demands
Discourse at times loses touch within my mind
Answer hides and lies within

I recall when this album came out and I put it on my Christmas wish list. My aunt about died of embarrassment several times giving it as a gift: when she bought it (“Can you help me find an album called ‘Perpetual Intercourse’?”), when she wrapped it (“OMG, that’s a naked woman on the cover!”), and when she actually gave it to me in front of the family (to parents: “Are you folks okay with Michael receiving this album?”). Little did she know that this was considered mild when the rest of my musical tastes were taken in as evidence. I didn’t enjoy it much at first, but I’ve grown to love the album in the years since. Skinny Puppy is most definitely an acquired taste, but most of the bands in the same vein (or inspired by Skinny Puppy) wouldn’t exist in the way they do now without their influence. Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) credits the song Dig It for pushing NiN in the direction they ended up.

In the mood for angst today, if you couldn’t guess.

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  1. Love this. I like the squeamishness aspect, especially being on both sides of the coin, the recipient of perceived taboo and then being a father. Skinny Puppy is an acquired taste, but I had a good interview with cKey a long while ago, rescheduled to a phoner after I’d gone up to NYC to catch them play the Nokia. The reschedule was a bummer, but they kept me on the guest list and that was quite a show, especially Ogre performing the opening song behind a silk screen splattered with fake blood.

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    1. Ogre always had a flair for the disturbingly theatrical. I think that’s part of the appeal for me — that it’s not so much for shock value as it is an evocation of the discomfort they want you to feel at their shows and complements the music, rather than distracts from it.


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