Joe Abercrombie quote

Nothing like being wanted, is there? Wanted by someone you want. Always seems like magic, that something can feel so good but cost nothing.

Rikki’s thoughts, A Little Hatred

“Never scratch your eyebrows with a sword.”

Advice from one warrior to another, A Little Hatred

I’m winding down on the last couple of books by Abercrombie that take place in his “First Law” worlds, so I’ll probably not stumble on what I feel like as being quote-worthy things from him and you’ll see other writers more in my “quotes” category of posts. By soon, I mean it may be a month or more — I’m a very slow reader and I never understood the appeal of people being proud of being able to finish books in hours or a few days. I want to savor books, not consume them.

I’ve thought about prepping myself for the upcoming first season of The Wheel of Time by re-reading The Eye of the World, but maybe I’ll move onto something a little less fantasy like Les Liaisons Dangereuses. I’ve also been inclined to reread or get around to some “classics” that I haven’t gotten around to previously.

Regardless, if you tire of my Abercrombie fixation, rest assured I’ll probably be less inclined to quote him relatively soon.

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