Mixed bag

I watched The Wicker Man (1973) for the first time in years last night; it had been long enough that I could see it with new eyes. I didn’t like it as much the first time I watched it, but I think I had set up my expectations that it was a horror film of a different nature than it was intended to be. This time I enjoyed it much more, likely because I had left my biases behind. I think it was quite well done, although I am sure there were mixed inspirations for it that don’t stand up to scholarship. But it was largely respectful of the old religion and evidently well-researched based on my own knowledge about the customs.

I had forgotten how nudity in the 70s and 80s was more commonplace in movies — at least female nudity. My eldest walked in early on the movie and died a bit of embarrassment, but stuck around to watch it in spite of the sexual overtones and nudity. She seemed to enjoy it and had lots of questions about the symbolism that I actually could answer. Made me feel smart for a change of pace.

I have a meeting in 20 minutes that I will struggle to stay awake for. I slept like crap and it’s one of those meetings where it will devolve into a bitching session. I’ll keep my mute on so maybe they won’t here me snort when my hand slips and my head bobs.

I’m still trying to decide how to entertain myself next week. Looks like another scorcher is on the way, last I looked, so outdoors is out. I live in Minnesota because I like cool weather — heat destroys me. And there are fewer venomous things in my neck of the woods. I really should take the interruption-free time to go some serious writing instead of the quick stuff I’ve focused on for a long time, but I’m disinclined to commit to it nearly a week before the quiet descends. Part of me thinks I should also try to find something social to do, but it never pans out for all my expended effort, so I’ll probably just not try to set anything up online or in real life. Honestly, that was some of my thinking a day or so ago when I posted my “dumb idea“. Set up some time to rap about writing (or whatever) with a few folks, but… well… see above about social things never quite getting off the ground for me.

War. What is it good for?

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