Theft // All About Eve

If I had you,
 I'd use your arms to fall into
If I had you, I'd never had to care
If I had you, I'd like to see the world the way you do
Like to see the world if I had you

I’m in an AAE mood, sorry (not sorry). B-side song that was a rarity until reissues with B-side tracks and compilations. This song is standard pop fare with a hint of Fleetwood Mac in the tone, but barely noticeable unless you look for it. I just like the lyrics, which are also not exceptional, but first line of the chorus sticks in my head and I find it haunting me when I least expect it. And so, you must now suffer my affections and lyrical sensibilities.

2 thoughts on “Theft // All About Eve

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  1. I liked musically it’s not all that complicated. I too like the lyrics. Yes, there are some subtle similarities to Freetwood Mac. I could actually imagine Stevie Nicks singing this song a bit better than this one (not saying she’s bad)

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