Experimental treatment.

©2019-2021 Michael Raven

Doctor Lamb watched the multitude of lights, sliding bars of color, numbers in red flashing like a set of blinking blind eyes belonging to Sauron and sighed.

“She’s dying, isn’t she?” asked his assistant Gary.

The doctor nodded, weary to the bone.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this,” he said. “But I suppose we need to act now or risk losing the Mother. There’s still a chance she can carry on, but only if we pull the trigger on an untested treatment right now.”

“Have you let any of the world’s leaders know about the treatment?”

Lamb shook his head. “They’d just delay it with their arguments — it will take too long for them to see reason and the inevitability for the need for less talk and more action.”

He took a deep breath and pushed the button on the console of flashing lights, releasing into the air the billions of nanobots he’d developed over the past few months from their secret caches around the globe. These ‘bots had been attuned to homo sapiens and designed to disrupt key protein strands within the brain and the nervous system. Within the next six weeks, people would begin to die as their nervous systems failed them, freeing Gaia from the bondage humankind had placed her under for thousands of years.

Another social media flashfic, this time in the vein of posthumanist grimdark. Minor edits were made of the 2019 version before posting here. As Vonnegut was fond of saying, “So it goes.”

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