Dumb idea

I get plenty of dumb ideas and this is probably one of those dumber ideas. Because I have no shame, I’ll float it out to y’all anyway and let the chirping of grasshoppers be the final vote on such matters, causing me to rethink my wayward life and hold off on proposing such absurdities for at least a few weeks.

I’ll admit my concept is in the embryonic phase — why bother developing it further if there is zero interest in it, after all? But here it goes…

I was thinking about a quote since I first saw it these past few weeks from one of the people associated with the Velvet Underground (I forget who; the who is not all that important). But they were saying something to the effect of how the Underground grew out of the artistic multi-discipline collaborative scene in the Warhol collective. The person commented that, in this day of the internet and pandemic, that they didn’t know if there was any real opportunities for that kind of collaboration in the current age. People tend to eschew the café scene for such things anymore and he really didn’t know how one would emulate it with the present conditions.

I think there was a bit too much hand-wringing in his statements, because I think it just takes imagination to overcome the minor hurdles he mentioned.

While I don’t have any “vision” about recreating that kind of scene, I do go back to some of the “collective” nature of what I was doing back in high school and when I was mixing it up with artists of various disciplines in a Seattle performance night at a café in the 90s. We had the performances/readings on a monthly basis, but a number of the participants knew they could find yours truly (their fearless leader) at the espresso bar almost any day after five, and quite a few hours/days outside that range. We’d sit, drink coffee, and plot world domination. And, occasionally, critique and cull through our pieces planned for the performance night.

Like I said, it’s probably a stupid idea, but I’d be interested in seeing if anyone here might be up for a virtual café using something like Google Meet with the idea of group discussion, sharing or just bullshitting.

Lemme know how horrid that sounds. Crickets are my cue to drop the idea and let other bad ideas ferment in its place.

11 thoughts on “Dumb idea

  1. There is a group that does this, you might want to follow and see if this is a different from what you had in mind.


    I remember back home, we had several venues for poetry readings. Many of the poets and performance poets would often form friendships and communities to toss ideas around or critique (done in a kind manner) each other’s work and possibilities on how to improve them. When covid hit one of the poets that maintains a historical archive of Chicago poets also publishes. https://www.puddinheadpress.net/
    Went on Facebook live, once a week, have a guest post, allow an open Mike he’d call you on speaker phone and you could read (for those who didn’t particularly be seen. So no I don’t think it’s a dumb idea.

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      1. I have the same problem, no worries.

        I’ll check it out. I’ve found most of the groups out there to be a wee bit more formal than what I like. When I was the showrunner for the open mic night, one of the things we got known for was the organic nature of the evening (by design) — it was considered a refreshing take on the poetry slam nights. Very beat, very hippie. While I did much of the heavy lifting to make it that way, I was blessed with having four other partners who helped take my vision and make it plausible. Without them, it would have been a short-lived open mic series.

        We had two rules: be kind to others and don’t overstay your welcome. I only had to pull out the wooden cane from stage left a few times and the competitive elements evaporated with the enforced “be kind” mantra. More coverage than I expected from the local news outlets, but that might have been because I paraded around in crushed velvet skirts and ruffle shirts at a time that it was considered ill-advised to do so.

        I’ll take a gander, however. Maybe the elements that tend to turn me off have evaporated since I last tried to start something. However, there is something to be said about intimacy as well — and if it is too big… well. You know.

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