Even more thought on “Soon –“

Turning things around in my head now that I brought the memory of a lucid dream closer to the surface…

I had meant to mention that I used to think that the regular visitor of those “reoccurring dreams” was someone I would meet in my future, some woman I would encounter. Lately, I’ve reconsidered that assessment and decided that it is not a “person” at all but, in the realm of my cosmological concept, it was my spirit guide and not someone I should have expected to meet eventually. I think I over-romanticized the dreams, as I was prone to doing back in those days. In reflection, some of those locales and encounters did mimic more some of the deeper conversations I had with real ravens while I wandered the streets and piers of Seattle (yes, I have spent inordinate amounts of talking to corvids of all types). Of course, no living ravens were in the library, but I did spend quite a bit of time in the downtown library, going through their literature and poetry stacks doing research on writing before the age of the internet. And Snohomish, Salish, Tlingit, and Haida tribal art was all over the place, and tribal ravens were of copious proliferation in the places I visited — including the library. The imagery of ravens was unavoidable between the live birds and the artwork, not that I made any attempt to avoid either.

That, and my little visitor in my dreams always looked a little too close to Death from The Sandman graphic novel series for comfort. Not exactly, but uncomfortably close.

So, I guess what i’m getting at is, while there are romantic overtones to the whole picture, I now doubt that was the actual messaging.

“Love” is such a strange word when you really, really, get down into the weeds. Everyone knows it when they see it, but I haven’t heard very good descriptions of what it is, only the effect it has on people. And there are so many fuzzy tiers of that thing called love, and all of them seem mutable as the “levels” bleed from one into the other.

So, removing the romantic and the likely misguided notions, I’m left with a significantly different message — don’t you think? If the encounter is with a spirit guide that seems more prone to laughing at me while they play “tricks” on me than actually trying to seduce me.

So it comes to me that I have absolutely no clue what those dreams were trying to convey to me, especially after all these years. But the dreams still seem important and it is interesting to look at them with fresh eyes. And I think I am finally finding the thread needing to be pulled to unravel the whole group of “encounters”.

Dreams are strange stuff. My problem is that I think I’ve taken them far too seriously over the years.

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