Note on “Soon –“

Soon is my best recollection from a series of reoccurring dreams (thematically reoccurring, rather than repetitive reoccurring) I had when I lived in Seattle and for some time after I returned to the Minneapolis area. It’s been years since they happened, but the young woman involved in the dream seemed to have a fondness for books, rain-wet and empty streets, and walks along the piers near the Alaska Way Viaduct or the docks along the north side of the Magnolia neighborhood, commonly called “Fisherman’s Wharf” (or so I thought at the time). Her looks changed over the dreams, but two constants were her eyes and her crooked smile.

Sometimes a dream is just a dream, but these dreams’ other feature was their lucid elements, that hyper-real feel in the face of some obvious absurdities. That, and they are still vivid in my memory many years later, well after I’ve forgotten a great many other things that probably should have been easier to retain than a series of odd dreams.

In every case, she was greatly amused by our encounters and didn’t tell me or give me much, but she insisted either in word or action that what I did see, do, get, hear, read… was all of the most vital importance. I wrote down what I didn’t think I could remember (DANRYS were letters carved into one of the shelves in the library/bookstore in one dream, for example), but most of it is just retained in the old noggin. It probably doesn’t mean anything after all this time, but I cling to it just in case it turns out to be some important message my subconscious was trying to convey. Or that this “soon” event actually comes up, whatever it might be (I like to play both the skeptic and the believer in this business, covering all of my bases in case it is truly important).

Anyway, crazy stuff from the madman’s head. I felt I owed all an explanation.

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