Sitting geometries.

©2019-2021 Michael Raven

More than the alchemical formula he’d found pressed between the leaves of a leather-bound book he’d picked up at an estate sale; more than the elaborate eldritch diagrams he’d cast in salt and pigeons’ blood on the otherwise austere cupula of the otherwise abandoned mansion filled to the bring in the lower levels with needles, addicts, and angst he’d broken into along 4th Street; more than the incense and the words — it was the demands on his sitzfleisch, in his patient sitting as he fell into the world between worlds. Journeys such as these could never be rushed, but merely endured as one watched the geometries align and the universe suddenly fall away on either side.

More social media flash fiction from 2019; another attempt at the “new weird” genre. Lightly edited this time around. OED word of the day used for inspiration was sitzfleisch, which essentially means “buttocks”. It doesn’t fit well, but I kept it in all the same to express the challenges with using the OED word of the day for a prompt.

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