Martha’s Harbor // All About Eve

You are an ocean wave, my love
Crashing at the bow
I am a galley slave, my love
If only I would find out the way
To sail you
Maybe I'll just stow away

I’ve probably said this before, but I still have an absolute crush on Julianne Regan’s voice — even now, some 30 years or so after first hearing the album from which this song comes. In reality, I was enamored when she sang backup for the Severina single by The Mission (as well as on several other tracks on the full-length Gods Own Medicine), but I didn’t really get to hear her voice in the foreground until All About Eve released the eponymous album around 1988. I take that back… It may have been with the release of the Our Summer single in 1987.

Regardless, not everyone I’ve tried to introduce her voice to has agreed that it is as beautiful as I think it is, but I still get all dreamy-eyed when I hear the first album. And, honestly, parts of the second album. Yes, there are other voices equally as good, some even better, but hers reminds me of a time and place in my life I of which I was fond.

Anyway, nice acoustic piece for a not-quite-goth band (too much hippie in the sound to be goth).

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  1. IMHO her voice (🤨 not special) however it works, this is more of a ballad in the more modern Irish style. I do like the lyrics. But with that said and done, I understand that you are emotionally nostalgic about it.

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      1. Of course that is your propagative. “Exceptionally adequate”isn’t that an oxymoron? Oh yes, the too good to be true theory, however logic and common sense is a guide through that quagmire. 😉 hope you don’t get offended by my banter.

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        1. Yes, I trend towards intentional oxymorons. They somehow seem more real than the non-oxymorons.

          I’m a bit off my rocker, I’ll admit. Logic is often mutable in my experience and common sense ain’t so common. My quagmire is quite nice in the winter. 😉

          I’m rarely offended. No worries.

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