©2021 Michael Raven

i heard it said:
insomnia occurs when
someone is dreaming
of you

i'm flattered
unknown someone
could you kindly
stop so I can

Though I doubt the folk wisdom, or that anyone would be much cause to be dreaming about me, I might have to reconsider some of my afternoon/evening habits as this current bout is driving me bonkers. It’s not one of those all-night affairs, but an intermittent thing — waking up every 60-120 minutes for 15-45 minutes, rinse, repeat. Frankly, I find that more exhausting than being up for a chunk of the night.

So, I think I skip my early-afternoon date with a cup or two of my coffee pick-me-up and migrate over to the oolong, pouchong, or green tea and hope that the reduced caffeine intake solves the problem. I doubt that’s the cause of my restless sleep; usually I’m good as long as I stop before 5pm. If it’s chemical in nature, than I need to stop taking in caffeine. I’m on enough other drugs that I hesitate to add manufactured sleep aids or natural ones without being clear as to what the combined interactions may do to my body.

If that doesn’t help, then other changes will need to be made.

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