Swan Swan H // REM

Swan, swan, hummingbird
Hurrah, we are all free now
What noisy cats are we

Fits my mood, can’t say why. Though there’s no rain outside and the sky is obscured by the world’s burning ash and smoke — I’m guessing that might be it. Forget Paris, the Earth is aflame and burning.

Maybe it feels like a war has happened these past few years, and maybe there is still remnant aggressions, but that could just be the bone chains and toothpicks feeling I’m left with some days. Trinkets and plastic crosses.

This song also reminds me of someone I don’t really know. But, in my imagining of an alternate world, it is a song they might like and nod when it plays in the background — again, I can’t say why. Intuition that is probably all helter skelter wrong. I used to be be able to intuit, but now I’ve quite lost the sense of it most days. Silly habit, anyway.

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