©2021 Michael Raven

a dance, then

awkward glances from edges
the furthest one can be
and still have not left the room
the lights dim and dancers pair
a reviled song overhead
but the excuse is welcomed

there is no hiding, caught red-handed
and so the excuses drop away
a nod, uncomfortable grin, enjoin
arms around neck hips, sway
held apart, drifting closer with each bar
the world, a singularity
in the center of the dance floor

3 thoughts on “chicago/

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    1. LOL. I’ve been there a few times when much younger, before I could nightclub.

      I was referencing the band. I didn’t even consider the city… God, I’m such an idiot at times. Specifically, I was thinking of “You’re the Inspiration”, a song that was popular when I was young and I grew to hate because of it’s high rotation in the early MTV days. You know — when “M” was for “music”.

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