Exploded in face


I need to get away from social media again. People are starting to piss me off.

I made what should have been a uncontroversial post — that the delta variant of coronavirus concerned me with two unvaccinated kids under 12 and news that vaccinated people may be asymptomatic carriers. I said I found it concerning. Nothing more. No raging against antivaxxers or anything — I just expressed concern.

Then someone, who only friended me to buy a graphics card off me that I sold under market to him because he was a child of an old high school friend had to start riffing on how he had it (twice!) and it wasn’t so fucking bad to have coronavirus. Then said more crap. And then more. I’d considered dropping the friendship all the same because he is a gun enthusiast and, after my daughter was near a gun that was discharged at school, I don’t much care for people who think owning an AK47 is more important than my daughter having a safe school environment. But I procrastinated. And then he started forth on his “it’s not so bad, why u vax?” spew on my post.

So I deleted his comments and did what I should have done a while ago — unfriended him.

It’s not like he held conversations with me after I sold him the graphics card or commented on my posts. It was an overdue unfriending.

Regardless of your stance on any of this with respect to the pandemic and vaccination — I do expect to be treated with a modicum of respect on my own social media posts by people claiming to be friends. I don’t shit where you sleep, please don’t piss in my bed.

And I said so in a separate post. I said have a zero tolerance stance on people making antivax, antimask comments on my posts and claiming that the pandemic is an over-exaggerated mild cold, ignoring the fact that millions of people have died from complications related to it. They are welcome to entertain those points of view in their own posts, but don’t share those attitudes in my personal space — is what I said.

Of course, his mother does the mama bear crap and gives me a lecture about not being a closed-minded idiot and threatened to unfriend me. Which I promptly deleted. Really, I never consider most of the people I know on social media to be “friends”, so the threat is an empty one. I have a few people there that I have considered friends in the past, a few people who I cared about at one time or another — but the bulk of them friended me to satisfy their busy-body need to know what I’ve been up to all these years after they never acted like friends in the past and to either to feel good that I didn’t surpass them, or to gloat that they surpassed me on that stupid social ladder. Mama bear fits into the latter category, someone I’ve tried to be friendly with, but wouldn’t call a friend by any means and she never gave two shits about me back when we went to school together.

So I’m grumpy because I didn’t start my day thinking I’d post something in less than 30 words that would raise someone’s ire so much. But, honestly, I’m at the point when I want to say “screw it” when it comes to such things.

Maybe I need to stick to writing poetry and fiction, and shit on the rest.

2 thoughts on “Exploded in face

  1. I hate that. Even though I had both shots, I still wear a mask when I go out, precisely for the reason you stated. I also hate when a family Member comes to aid and abet. 😑

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