Double Yolk.

©2019-2021 Michael Raven

“The interesting thing,” he said, holding the leathery pod with his blue nitrile-ensconced fingers and examining the brown, reptilian flesh of the egg, remaining Lauren of an overripe avocado. “…is the sheer aggressiveness of the species.”

“Occasionally, you get a double-yolker and, unlike other species where survival is unlikely for both egg-mates due to limited resources, or where the offspring view for those resources after hatching — snarklings attack their egg-mate as soon as their initial hooks form and, well, woe to the slow-developing twin.”

“The stronger kills the weaker to secure the limited resources?” Lauren asked.

“Worse,” Professor Yang replied. “They kill and consume the less-fortunate twin while still within the egg. That makes it really interesting, of course, when there is a triple-yolker… but, that’s extremely rare.”

Professor Yang stared off at nothing in particular, then added with a shudder, “Thankfully.”

Another FB story post from 2019. I had a few typos in this one, so I transcribed it this time and added minor clarifications to what the characters were saying for context. Still, minimal edits to the flash fiction itself. The OED word of the day was “yolker”, which was the inspiration for this piece.

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