Floof and naps

I’m out of shape when it comes to road-tripping apparently. I used to be able to drive twice the distance and time as yesterday’s little mini-trip (about 9 hours total driving) to pick up the kitten and wake up ready to do it all over again. Today, I am still a wee bit tired.

The newest addition to our cat family is adopting fairly well — we have him segregated by fencing from the other cats so that no one decides to take out their objection to him joining our family out on him directly. They’ll warm up to him in a few days, but in the meantime, there is a lot of hissing and spitting whenever a few of them get near. Not a very welcoming group. But that’s always been the case — which is why we have the fencing to begin with.

Yet unnamed kitten is very affectionate, but hates being picked up, so I’m working on teaching him that skill. All daggers out and blood has been drawn. I have multiple scars with six other cats, so it’s nothing to me. We’ll get him used to being handled in a way he doesn’t particularly care for. I plan on pulling out a can of tuna to make it more appealing.

While the name “Quicksilver” came up in conversation last night, I still feel folks are leaning more heavily towards “Ghost”. We’ll sit with it for another few hours to a day before it gets decided.

Happy Fourth of July to those of you who celebrate such things. I think I might go grab a nap.

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