Tomorrow, we cat

Tomorrow, I drive for 4-5 hours each direction to pick up the newest floof to add to our clutch of cats.

Granted, I’m playing mind-games with my kids when I make up terrible names to call the newest addition to the household (Betelgeuse, Booboo Butt, George, Dogmeat, Lunch, Fuzzyboo, Dawg, Larry), but they’ve seem to have decided they like “Ghost” as their primary choice of names. I figured if I offered up all sorts of really bad names after mentioning my personal preference, we’d avoid the whole Greyie, Fluffy, Shadowy names they had come up as a counter to Ghost, which all end in an “eee” sound. The only decent names they’ve offered up were Smokey, which I would shorten to Smoke, and Ash, but only the eldest is keen on that last one. I’m not against any of the three, but the general vote seems to name him Ghost, which would fit in better with the “monster” schema we have used in recent adoptions.

Anyways. I can’t wait to meet the new kid. I am going to make an extra effort to acclimate him to being an “adventure cat” this time around — preferably as a leash-trained cat, but I’ll haul him around in a back pack, if that’s what it takes to get him used to being around other people, sounds and things. And — clicker-trained to the extent that I can clicker-train him (simple stuff: come when called, sit, kennel, up, down).

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