Kiss Kiss Bang Bang // Specimen

Not much to say about this song except it always comes up when I think of my final days in high school because I had a friend at the time who tried to get me to listen to more Specimen, which received somewhat of a lukewarm reception from me. Not enough Rozz Williams, not polished enough for Sisters of Mercy. Slightly too glam overall (glam appealed to me a few years later) in both sound and looks. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t love it either.

Because of the recent pictures of me from back in that time, I’ve thought more about it. Hence, the story of The Green Dragon. Dogs in Space (the movie where the audio for the story is from) was another thing that Kaycee introduced me to. She was a bit of an outsider all around, to be honest, which probably explains why we generally got along. I mean, I was the only standard goth type (period after those picture I posted) in the school we both attended, which she was the only African American goth in the whole of the Twin Cities that I can recall. I’m probably wrong, my memory is flakey that way. And, to boot, she decided to dress and look this way growing up in the “hood”, which was not fully appreciated by the people living there. She wasn’t no suburban girl playing dress-up, she was full inner city.

Kaycee’s goth leaned more towards the glam-inspired look like Specimen, rather than the standard somber-Hammer-House-inspired goth at the time. She really must have been more outcast than I recall, because every time I’ve asked classmates from the same school if anyone has heard from her on social media, I get crickets. We weren’t close friends, although I think we independently considered dating each other — just not at the same time. Or, at least I recall thinking she might be someone I should date, and she seemed to call me a lot to get together for coffee around that same time. But it never went anywhere.

So I wonder where she ended up. And, occasionally, this song comes to mind and I smile with the memories of awkward coffee “not-dates” at a place called Espresso Royale.

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