The Green Dragon // Michael Hutchence (INXS)

Once upon a time there was a green monster and he ate a whole train full of obnoxious people.

Of course he got a very bad case of indigestion that lasted for many weeks and so he eventually decided he needed some medicine.

He strolled on his many legs to the nearest pharmacist and said “I have indigestion and nausea”.

“What from?” asked the chemist.

“Oh just all the obnoxious people in this world” said the dragon and the chemist after carefully considering the monsters problem gave him some milk of magnesia.

In two days the monster was feeling better again so he ate another train full of the same sort of people.

He felt worse than before and after weeks of suffering he went back to the chemist.

“Please help me Mr Chemist”, he said.” All the false people in this world make me terribly sick.”

The pharmacist replied, “You must get over this terrible objection to the people in this world but I’ll give you some milk of magnesia anyway.”

The green monster who was much fatter now, he had–as he had eaten two trains in a few days. He was lying by the railway tracks when a train stopped right in front of him.

He looked at it with his big brown eyes watching the people laughing long at their own jokes and posing around being completely false. He tried to control himself but he loathed these sort of people so he lumbered over to the train and ate it [chomp] which he almost completely digested due to his extremely strong digestive juices.

Amongst the pieces lay an old man who had just been in and out of a monsters stomach and stood there shaking his head in disbelief.

“Hello” he said so sincerely that it nearly made one of the monsters legs drop off. The monster looked back in disbelief.

“Hello with such sincerity?”

“Well” said the man. “We obviously don’t believe the other exists, so let’s have a party.

Michael Hutchence, as told in the movie “Dogs in Space”

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