Cat update

And… he’s ours. I’m picking him up on Saturday.

As simple as that.


Here’s a few pictures:

Based on our discussions with the breeder this guy is already a biggun, playful and likes to be chill. I think he might be the biggest we have when he grows up, if he’s anything at all like his dad. She sent us pictures of his sire at seven months and he was already 20 lbs. Wraith, our current giant took until he was almost two years old to get to 20 lbs, so…. Here’s two pictures of our boy’s da, a grey smoke:

Look at the fricking size of those paws in the last picture, about half the size of a early teen’s hand. At seven months! Huge!

Talking it over with all concerned parties, it seems we are settling in on the name Ash, which works for me. It works for my symbolically, and my only complaint is that it veers away somewhat from the monster/fantasy theme we’ve been using with the cats over the years (e.g., Rogue, Banshee, Goblin, Wraith, Fennekin (Pokemon critter)), so I might push for Ghost instead, which also came up as an option and fits better with our other names.

Anyway, exhausting night as a result. Tension and debate and all that fun stuff. Here’s to eight hours of driving on Saturday/Caturday.

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