In the park

Back in the park with my eldest. She’s learning how to use a jo, aikido style, again. A jo is basically a hardwood dowel and, if you ever watched The Walking Dead, it is the weapon used by one of the characters to take out zombies using techniques much like those she is training for.

It’s the first relatively cool day in well over a week. There are clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze. In the shade, the breeze occasionally chills my skin, which is a nice feeling after so long in the heat.

I find myself glancing over at the young woman with mermaid green hair, fascinated by her training of her obviously young husky pup. Okay, more of a juvenile dog, but young all the same. He’s a beauty, and I really wish I were a dog person, but I discovered that cats are all I’m able to deal with. But I watch her playing training games and wonder why I had such bad luck with my last foray into dog ownership. He didn’t exhibit any of the behavior that made Floki so difficult to manage. I won’t go into it… That’s the past. But slightly jealous.

Now another woman with pink hair is taking a break from her bike ride to eat lunch near me. I wonder if she really wants to sit in the yellowed grass or if my taking up the picnic table to write is off-putting. I don’t bite, but she doesn’t know that.

I can’t be all that bad… I have my Sodastream bottle showing 🤣. Yeah, I invested in one of those things mostly to keep the kiddos interested in having fun this summer by making their own soda. I admit, I love my flavored bubbly water but, along with making ice cream in a jar, it was to entertain the kids.

I’ll use it more often.

Some things don’t change, however. I don’t know why I bother with social media most days. I’m still the butt of the jokes on most cases, though I probably deserve some of it. But it’s not much fun to be nice to people, only to have them find ways to mock me.

So I might drop out again. Not much point.

Ahh, pink hair did want to sit at the table. Good.

I’m not that scary.

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