Neversea // Eden House

Because Chris has mentioned these folks several times and I’ve probably been negligent in promoting the “best kept secret” goth superband (members of Nephilim, All About Eve, Mission, Society, Skeletal Family, Faith and Muse, Van Morrison (violinist), Pink Floyd (sound engineer); amongst others). Almost no one plays on every song, but that’s often the nature of supergroups.

I think that Chris is the only other person I know who has heard of these folks independently of me. Every time I mention them, folks have seemed a bit surprised that these guys exist — often to the point of ignoring my recommendation to give them a gander. In ways, Eden House are a bit better of the sum of their individual efforts, but it depends.

For an idea of the sound — think Delerium (short-lived fame with Sarah MacLachlan singing Silence), except guitar and generally preferring “real” instruments over synthesized counterparts and less attention to mimicking Enigma witht he sampled dubs.

So… nothing at all like Delerium, but still whiffs of that feel/sound.

You tell me same old stories
All awash with pride
I've heard it all before
the eyes you hide behind... Never see
Why can't you face me?

You cross the line 
I cut my ties to you
I draw the line, 
I close my eyes to you

You break me down
I strike your back 
Under your iron truth
You've drawn your last breath

Vocals: Valenteen
Guitars: Stephen Carey (This Burning Effigy), Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd), Simon Hinkler (The Mission)
Bass: Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim)
Drums: Simon Rippin (Fields of the Nephilim)
Violin: Bob Loveday (Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Kristy MacColl, others)

5 thoughts on “Neversea // Eden House

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I only discovered them because they once gigged in London in a double-header with my favourite band of all time And Also The Trees (who few have heard of here in the UK despite them being British). Sadly I didn’t get to the gig….but I did discover the Eden House so…

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    • Listening to the songs from the first album (that I can find) online. Yeah — I should have bought this instead of hemming and hawing about it when I saw it in the record bin. I can see myself “borrowing” from their sound in my bands when I was a teen in the same way as I did with Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters and their ilk. Bummer. Not that it would have gotten us more of an audience, mind you, but it would have been fun to have more influences for those early bands.

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      • Everyone has there influences! As for bands and audiences/success I think another comes down to ‘luck’ or being in the ‘right places. In some ways modern technology has allowed us to discover more but, by the same token, made it harder to capture an audience. Cheers.

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