More tests

This is what I wrote, taking less care with my handwriting than I did last night:

This is the conversion:

(status draft] OCRTst

I’m going to use my normal writing, which is rotas good as I was using earlier to see if the AI can read my messy script.

Well then, can you?

~ Michal

Not perfect, but I’ll readily admit my penmanship is well nigh unreadable. Cramped, crabbed, all over the place. I’ll need to start paying attention to the neatness of my writing (which I should do anyway). My square brackets probably need a little less “curvature”. I need less cramping with my spacing of letters (and overlap). But, I’m still impressed with how it picked up most of the letters as intended. Plus, it got the category tag correct (but not the status, damned curved square brackets), the tilde worked, but the “e” in “Test” was missed somehow (probably thought it was a doodle).

So — real world testing is done… Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Thanks for playing.

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